Why you should hire a professional website copywriter

Sep 13, 2019 | Testimonial

When creating or re-vamping a business website, it can be tempting to choose to write your own website copy. But we always think it’s best to leave it to the pros!

Here are 5 of the key reasons why you should always hire a professional website copywriter for your digital content.

1. A website copywriter writes for SEO

The first and most important reason you should hire a website copywriter, is that a professional copywriter will optimise your web copy.

One thing we say time and time again to our clients: You cannot simply put any text on your website and expect it to rank well in search engines. This applies to website pages, but also blogs and articles.

website copywriter seo copywriter

A good copywriter writes with SEO in mind


A website copywriter, or an SEO copywriter, will undertake thorough keyword research to find the best keywords to use on your site. The keywords with high search volume and low competition.

They will then optimise your site with these keywords. This gives your website a far better chance of ranking on the first page of Google. And if you’re not on the first page of Google, you’re practically invisible!

2. You might be too close to your business

One thing we often find when clients ask to write their own website copy is that they’re simply too close to their business and their services.

Being at the centre of your business often means that you fixate on information that resonates with you. But for your website to be an effective sales tool, your information needs to be tailored towards your customers. And business owners who write their own copy often lose site of this.

At Engaging Content, our website copywriters hold research workshops with you to fully understand your brand, your services, your ethos and your unique selling points. They’ll also pull together keyword customer and industry research with customer research to make sure that any website information both reflects you accurately, and appeals to your customers.

3. A good website copywriter uses customer personas

Great copywriters use customer personas to make sure that your website appeals to your customers.

Creating customer personas involves profiling your ideal customers. These could be the customers that bring you the most income, or the ones you enjoy working with the most.

website copywriter customer personas

A good website copywriter always writes with your customer personas in mind


Website copywriters are used to writing with your customers and your customer personas in mind. They’ll tailor every single piece of website copy, including web pages, blogs and articles, so that it appeals to your target audience. This increases the chance that your ideal customers will find your site, and want to buy from you.

4. Website copywriters write professionally

Being a good business owner is often not the same as being an effective copywriter.

Copywriters hold themselves to strict professional standards. They’ll make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors, and also ensure that the text is easily understood by someone outside of your business.

And of course, most business owners write with great basic grammar and spelling! But good website copy is about more than this. Copywriters make sure that your text hits high readability standards. They’ll minimise the use of passive voice, keep sentences short, use proper paragraph length, and create catchy headings.

5. You might not have a content strategy

One thing that business owners get wrong when writing web content, particularly blogs and articles, is that they don’t write with a strategy in mind. When you hire a website copywriter, you should also ensure they are trained in content strategy and content marketing.

Simply writing blogs and articles at random is often a waste of time. Sure, you’ll have a database of content. But content is much more effective when organised into a clear strategy that encompasses planning, writing, and promotion.

content plan

Web copywriters use long-term content planning


Website copywriters should be able to advise you about a long-term content plan. This should set goals and metrics for your content which could be based around an increase in site traffic, more demo sign-ups, sales, or quicker sales-closing. And, they’ll include content analysis within their content plans to capitalise on what content performs the best.

Yes, content can be an effective tool to achieve all of this when organised into an effective plan!


Hiring a Website Copywriter

These are just 5 of the main reasons why you should hire a website copywriter. But quite simply, you should hire a copywriter because copywriting is their job. It’s what they do best.

You’d most likely hire a website developer, and a web designer, and a digital marketer to promote the site. And copywriting shouldn’t be any different. It takes a pro in each area to shape your site into an effective sales tool.

So, if you want compelling, SEO-ready, customer-tailored website content that hits high readability and grammar standards and is well-planned, then you should hire a professional website copywriter.