why you should hire a website copywriter instead of doing it yourself

Oct 29, 2020 | Blogs, Content Marketing

When creating or revamping a business website, it can be tempting to choose to write your own copy instead of hiring a copywriter for your website. But we always think it’s best to leave it to the pros!

In this article we will discuss some of the key reasons why you should always hire a professional copywriter for your website, in order to rank highly on Google and increase your chance of making sales.

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a website copywriter writes for SEO

The most important reason you should hire a copywriter for your website is that they write with SEO in mind.

If you don’t know, SEO is the process of making sure search engines can read, understand, and trust your content. This is a really important process that, if not done properly, can lead to poor rankings – or worse, no rankings at all!

Part of this process is making sure that your website text is full of good SEO keywords. SEO keywords need to be properly researched and used according to SEO best practices. This is so search engines such as Google, are able to read and understand your web page.

One thing we say time and time again to our clients: You cannot simply put any text on your website and expect it to rank well in search engines. This applies to website pages, but also blogs and articles.

So, whilst you may write your website for readers to understand. Unless properly trained, it’s unlikely that you’ll be writing in a way that search engines can understand! However, a website copywriter will be writing for both readers and search engines. This gives your website the best chance of ranking well and being found by new customers online!

You can find out more about SEO keywords and why they’re important in our recent blog.



you might be too close to your business to write about it

If you’ve ever tried to write any text about yourself or your business, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Here at Engaging Content we think so too! Often, we find it really difficult to write about ourselves because we’re just too close to the subject.

Being at the centre of your business often means that you fixate on information that resonates with you. For your website to be an effective sales tool, your information needs to be tailored towards your customers. Including their needs, goals, problems, values and more. Business owners who write their own copy can often lose sight of this.

However as you’re the business owner, you’re obviously the expert in what you do! That’s why our website content writers take the time to sit with you during our Foundation Workshop. We ask all sorts of important marketing questions. Drawing out all of the things your customers will be instinctively looking for during their buying process. We also draw out all of the most important messages and information about your business.

This comprehensive foundation workshop provides the blueprints for not only your website, but your entire marketing strategy moving forward! In fact, we’d say it’s the single most important service we offer to business owners!

professional website content writers will use a content strategy

One thing that business owners get wrong when writing web content, is they don’t write with a strategy in mind. When you hire a professional copywriter for your website, they’ll be trained in high-performing content strategies. They can turn any piece of content into a sales tool.

All content should fit into a wider framework, designed to lead readers down a specific path. Website content writers know how to get the most out of every piece of content. Great website copywriters will be able to make all of your content work together. Aligning every web page and blog article to a different problem or need.

We recently wrote a blog about why a content strategy plan is so important! (LINK)



website copywriters use specific tools

Website content writers also have access to specific tools and subscriptions as part of their job.

Hiring a copywriter for your website may land you with an upfront cost. However, it does mean that you won’t have to fork out for all of the digital tools. Tools like:

  • A CMS (content management system) to catalogue, schedule and edit blogs
  • SEO keyword research tools 
  • long-term monitoring of rankings and content performance
  • Digital content tools to understand how search engines like Google will interpret the content

These content tools come with a hefty monthly price tag which isn’t worth it unless they’re being used for multiple clients.



website copywriters use customer personas to attract your dream clients

When you hire a copywriter for your website, it’s likely that they’ll be creating and using customer personas for your business.

Customer personas are sort of like in-depth summaries of your ideal customers. Your absolute dream clients! They’re also a key part of writing website content!

A good website copywriter will help you profile your ideal customers. This is to understand everything from their needs, goals and problems, to their buying habits, content preferences, and more. They’ll then be able to use these documents as a reference point when they write your content.Customer personas help you make sure every piece of content created for your business is tailored to your ideal customers.

This increases the chance that your ideal customers will find, read and resonate with your content.



why you should use a copywriter for your website

We always think it’s best to leave copywriting to the pros! Website content writers will make sure that both readers and search engines understand your content, write with your ideal customers in mind and help increase your rankings.

The best website copy and content writers will also work with you to use your expertise and knowledge. It’s all about finding a great partnership!