Why a business website is like a movie

Sep 13, 2019 | Testimonial

Okay, hear us out. We always explain to our clients that a business website is like a movie. Intrigued? Read more to find out why websites and movies should be treated in the same way!

a compelling story

Movie studios don’t create movies and hope they find the story as they go. Before filming even begins, there has to be a script with a compelling story.

Movies are effective ways to tell modern stories. They’re compelling and interesting. They have heroes that overcome challenges. And there’s always a motive behind every action!

story telling business websites

You should base your website around a well-planned, compelling story

You should treat your website in the same way. Plan your story before you start creating. Make your content compelling and interesting. Make your customers the heroes of your story and help them to overcome their problems. And make sure you give your customers the ‘why’ or the motive behind what you do, rather than just selling what it is that you do.

audience profiling

Movie studios profile their target audience so that they understand them. And then they create their content with this demographic in mind. – They don’t create the movie and then hope it appeals to their audience. They create the movie in an educated way to increase its reach and engagement levels.

A website should be no different. Before jumping into website creation, you should profile your ideal customers with customer personas to increase the success and conversions of your site. You can then use this research to tailor your website content so that it is much more likely to convert.

casting call!

Okay, so we’ve written a story, we’ve made sure we understood our audience, but filming can’t start yet! We need to hold our casting calls.

Movie studios find the most experienced and most relevant actors and actresses, as well as the best directors and producers. It’s all about finding the most appropriate people for the job.

movie casting business website

‘Cast’ the best people for the job when creating your business website

And this is also an important step when creating a website. You’ll need to accept that you simply can’t do everything yourself. You’ll need to hire a web designer, a developer, and a content writer to create the site, just to name a few necessary services!

Make sure you hire people that are right for the job, and that are a good fit for you and your company, just as if you were casting a movie!


Okay, so now you’ve finally filmed your movie. You’ve put together your movie clips and you’ve ended up with 5 hours of footage.

Movies have to be edited, often multiple times, to make sure the story comes across, the content grabs attention, the pacing feels appropriate, and that the audio and visual aspects of the film are spot on. – And don’t forget the digital remaster a few years down the line!

In the same way, you should never consider your website finished after the first edit. You’ll need to frequently revisit your website to ensure that your rankings remain high, your content continues to appeal to your audience, and your text and design is as effective as possible.

audience testing

The best movies create various versions of the movie to test on segments of their target market. After a rough cut of the movie has been made, crew members run test screenings of the movie.

Test audiences are invited to private screenings to watch the first cut of the movie. They are then asked detailed questions about the movie in surveys and focus groups.

audience testing market research

You should use audience testing for your business website

This is also a practice you should use in website creation and optimisation. Consider market research with segments of your customer base to get detailed feedback on how to improve your website and its content.

movie promotion

And of course, work doesn’t stop when the movie is finished and edited. Entire teams of promoters and marketers work to promote ticket sales, DVD sales and streams of the movie. Their jobs are to make sure that as many people see the movie and buy the movie as possible!

You should also take the same approach with your business website. Without promoting your website, how can you expect your ideal customers to find you?

You should work with a website promoter or a digital marketer to make sure that your website rankings stay high, and that your ideal customers know about your website, your content, and your services.

creating a business website – that’s showbiz, baby!

So, there you have it. All of the reasons why we believe business websites are like movies – and should be treated in the same way.

Just like a movie, you’ll need to:

  • Write and tell a compelling story
  • Research and understand your target audience
  • Find the best people for the job – you can’t do everything yourself!
  • Edit and re-edit – you’ll need to update your website many times
  • Test your website on your audience with market research
  • Promote your website by using digital content marketing strategies

And that’s how you end up with a business website that is more than just a list of your products and services. You’ll be able to create a website that resonates with your target market, that gains consistent traffic, and ultimately converts!