The importance of an email signature

Aug 26, 2020 | Business Website, Free Web Tools

✔️ The benefits of an email signature

✔️ Our 4 tips for the best email signature format

✔️ The rules to follow

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An email signature is often overlooked by businesses, this is strange because it is an easy email marketing strategy that everyone can adopt! Think of it like this, your email signature is like a business card, done correctly, your signature can be a valuable tool in gaining new customers.

In this article give you a better understanding of the importance of an email signature for your business, marketing and more! As well as the best email signature format and our design tips.


the benefits of an email signature:

brand recognition

Your signature will strengthen your brand recognition. By ensuring your logo, strapline, team profiles etc. are displayed, you’re emphasising your brand. It’s an easy way to get across who you are as a company and what you do. A lot of companies utilise brand recognition in email to show authenticity.

shows professionalism

Your email signature is not only showcasing your brand, it is also presenting your business information; including your address and contact number. On-top of this it professionally emphasises your brands message, each and every time you send an email, without it looking overpowering. Ask yourself this, who are you more likely to trust – a brand that has a professional email signature, or one without a signature?

helps with your marketing

An email signature is a simple, cheap and successful way to gain momentum online. By including your social media channels, with click-through links, it’s a sure way to gain followers. A lot of companies use email as a means to market their company or product, so highlighting this in your signature is a great marketing tool. Maybe you have a new product? an offer or a sale? Well, it can all go into your signature as part of your email marketing strategy and you can change it as often as you like!


our 4 top tips for the best email signature format

#1 keep it short

Having a lengthy signature can seem a bit too much – imagine sending a short email and then having a signature that takes up half a page! It doesn’t look great. By keeping it short you are sticking to the point – it is after all a signature; not a sales pitch. Three or four lines is the best email signature format in our opinion.

#2 utilise your branding

There’s really no point in having an email signature if you aren’t going to include your logo and/or strapline. Your logo is what makes your company recognisable, it should be emphasised as much as possible in your communications, marketing and website to ensure everything links together. It’ll ensure the recipient knows exactly who the email is from.

#3 include your social media links!

So many businesses don’t do this, but why? It’s the perfect way to ask for new followers, without having to ask! Icons will usually work better than text and just make sure you check that the links work.

#4 consistency is key

Your signature needs to link to your company, the way it looks, how it feels and what it is. Everything should link together consistently; from your website to your signature. What you don’t want to do is have your signature looking nothing like “you”, as it won’t be easily recognisable as your company.


email disclaimers…

When you receive an email from a customer or client you may notice under their signature there’s some text. This text is included in the email footer due to regulations put in place. They are better known as email disclaimers; they protect the sender. There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process with email disclaimers, it really will depend on the type of company you are. However, the main things to include are:

  • Company registration number
  • Place of registration
  • Registered office address

More information about the disclaimers can be found here.


in summary:

You should now have a better understanding of why an email signature is important, what the best email signature format is and what rules you must follow.

With our top tips this may be all you need to get set up and incorporate all of the benefits of an email signature. However, if you do need some help setting up and designing the best email signature format for your brand then just contact us.


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