SEO competitor research; your secret weapon for standing out

Sep 24, 2020 | FOUNDATION, Keyword Research, Workshops

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is what’s used to increase the quantity and quality of visitors to your website. They do this via organic searches; ie. what people type in on Google to find you. Therefore, it’s important that you’ve conducted SEO competitor research, prior to publishing any content.

In order for people to find your business, you need to be ahead of your competitors and as high up on Google’s search engine as possible. Afterall, how many pages are you willing to scroll through to find what you’re looking for? If you can compete with similar businesses on Google, then you’re in with a better chance of people clicking on your website and buying your product/service.

In this article we will look at why competitor keyword research is important to the success of your business and how we at Engaging Content, can conduct your SEO competitor research for you.

(H2) Start with competitor keyword research

Keyword research is the most important aspect when writing content for your website. The aim of using keywords is to ensure you rank high on Google and increase traffic to your website. Competitor keyword research is no different!

(h3) Why do I need competitor keyword research?

With competitor research, you can work out why you’ve been outranked, work out which types of competitor content work the best, and find out about their digital strategies. You can then use this information to leverage your brand and work out how to get ahead of your competitors. (taken from old site)

(h3) How can you help me?

We carry out thorough research into your top competitors in the industry. Pick the competitors that appear ahead of you in search engine rankings, and work out why they’ve outranked you. (taken from old site)

This is important as in order to get ahead of the competition you need to understand them. If they’re appearing before you on Google, then your customers will most likely go through to their website and buy from them. Even if your business offers a more tailored service, or better product. It won’t matter if you’re nowhere to be found on Google.

(h2) Helping with your competitor keyword research, so you can get on with running your business…

At Engaging Content, we understand that trying to juggle keyword research, marketing strategies and the day to day operation of your business can be overwhelming. This is why we look to help our clients by taking on your competitor keyword research and other marketing tasks!

When you continue to work with us after we’ve conducted your SEO competitor research, we blend our findings with our other research areas: keyword research and customer research. We then develop a marketing strategy for you based on these three research areas. (taken from old site)

By combining SEO, competitor and customer research, you can be certain that any marketing content you produce is going to rank well, be relevant to your target audience, and remain competitive in your industry. This means you can engage and delight your customers, while also getting ahead of the competition! (taken from old site)

(h2) SEO competitor research from Engaging Content

You should now have a better understanding as to why SEO competitor research is important for your business. In order to be seen on Google, you need to rank as high as possible. To rank as high as possible you need to utilise keywords. Competitor keywords will provide you with the information you need to ensure your business ranks higher than your competition. Or at least competes with them on Google.

At Engaging Content, we will ask you to partake in a workshop in order for us to fully understand your business. This way we can scope out the competition and complete our SEO competitor research for you. If this is something, you’d like help with then do be in touch.