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web re-design, development and content consultancy for university department

I was invited to tender for this project in 2017 and was delighted to win it over a number of larger digital agencies. The brief was to design a website inline with the University branding guidelines but also to give the site a bit of an identity.

Engaging with a number of very different audiences was challenging the biggest challenge. Also to create content that worked across multiple audiences.

Alex and her lovely team are a joy to work with. We have worked on multiple versions of the website over the past few years and it is always a pleasure to be part of a vibrant team of professionals.

What Alex said

“Natalie helped us create a new website that is engaging, user-friendly and distinctive but also sits well with our existing University branding. Her approach is both professional and personable, listening to our needs and ideas as well as suggesting creative solutions.

Our challenge was that we needed website that holds lots of diverse content and in an area that is notoriously hard to communicate. It has to appeal to varied audiences including our staff, students, and external stakeholders. Natalie provided a creative and cost-effective solution for us, and we are really pleased with the finished result – a website which is very easy both to use and to edit. She worked effectively with our whole team and provided valued experience for our student intern too – highly recommended.”

– DR ALEX RYAN, director of sustainability