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Aug 1, 2020 | Business Website, Keyword Research, Workshops

Aperture Designed Furniture

This was asked of a now client of ours, by their previous web company. They were also asked to write all of the copy for the website, which they found incredibly difficult.

here is why this is an impossible task:

writing about yourself / business is difficult

To ask for three lines would be like asking a mature adult to give a 3 line summary of their life up until now. To summarise a full, experienced life is tricky enough but doing it yourself is even more difficult.

simple is complex

Consider this, some of the most high profile brands in the world have spent millions refining and simplifying their logo and strapline.

Stripping something back to just a few words is really difficult and requires experts to do a lot of background work around the “brand”.

The values, identity, tone of voice, who their customer is etc. It is a complex task that only becomes simple after over complicating.

important detail is missed

Often people will glide over things they don’t deem important, achievements or things they are proud of but don’t want to shout about. By letting someone else write this for you, they are a step removed and can see things more clearly and find angles to write about.

You’d jump straight to ‘I have X job. I’m married/single. I have x kids/hobbies.’ – But this is just what you do – How boring would it be if you had a conversation with someone and this was all they talked about?

People want to know your story, your values, who you are and what makes you that way – and this isn’t just the case with friendships. It also counts in business!

 Our solution

In contrast, in our conversation with our now client we explained:

✔️ We do an in-depth (yet informal) 3 hour Zoom workshop

✔️ We ask a huge amount of questions and go into a lot of detail to extract your expert knowledge.

✔️ We capture all of this valuable information in typed form and don’t expect you to write anything!

✔️ With our extensive background in website design and customer / market research we pull out all detail that you might not think relevant.

We cover:

#1 Your back story
This is a really important part of portraying your company – people buy people and your previous experience and passion will be a huge part of why someone will want to work with you.

#2 Key messages to make you stand out
Every person and company is unique. So we pull out how you are different, the key services you sell and to start to form “key messages” to be in all your communications. This helps you stand out from your competitors.

#3 Your perfect client
We go into depth of the kind of perfect client you want to work with – we have all had experiences of the sort of clients we don’t want and then the sort of clients we have enjoyed working with which have been most profitable. So why not attract more of these?

Next steps; the full service:

✔️ We research the keywords clients will search for in google to find your services.

✔️ We also write all of the website copy for you and ensure that this ties in with the keywords.

✔️ We take all the heavy lifting off your hands to let you get on with running your business and making money.

Please see the client work here and see their feedback below:

5 star feedback from Aperture Designed Furniture

Engaging Content Workshop

If you would like to know more about how our workshop could help you tell your story through your website and marketing, please get in touch for a chat.