Keyword Research: Why It’s essential for your business website

Sep 13, 2019 | Business Website, Keyword Research

? “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…When you read you begin with A B C. When you sing you begin with doh ray me.”

And when you create a website you start with keyword research! If you have a business website, it needs to be based around solid keyword research. Here’s why!


When anybody types something in Google, this is a keyword – and this can be anything from ‘digital marketing’ to ‘therapists near me.’ So, quite simply, keyword research is the process that finds the best words and phrases to use on your website in order to help your customers find you in search engines.

If you’re unsure about whether to invest in keyword research, here are 3 reasons why keyword research is essential for every business website! 

1. your website won’t rank for many searches without it

Many business owners think that they can just write some website content for their website and then appear in search results. But this just isn’t the case!

You need to optimise your website content around relevant keywords (the words and phrases that people will type into Google to find you.)


Google keyword research seo

optimise your website content around relevant keywords



Without optimising your website content around well-researched keywords, you’ll only be found in Google for branded searches – i.e. when somebody types in your company name. However, this means that searchers will already need to be aware of your business to find you. You won’t be attracting new customers to your site.

Keyword research helps you find the keywords that tell your customers and Google what it is that you offer.

2. keyword research helps improve your site rankings

Ranking on the first page of Google for a search query is incredibly competitive. And any business owner knows that if they’re not ranking on page 1 for any searches, they’re invisible. – When was the last time you looked beyond page 1 of Google search results?

Keyword research finds keywords that lots of people in your industry are searching for. But it also finds low-competition keywords – ones that aren’t being used by too many of your competitors. Ranking for low-competition keywords with high monthly search volume means that your site has a better chance of ranking on the first page of Google for more Google searches.

Let’s look at an example of this. We recently worked with a fantastic retailer of ladies plus-size clothing based in Cheltenham, Tia-Tia. Originally Tia-Tia had based their homepage around the term ‘plus size clothing.’ However, this is an incredibly competitive search term, for which Tia-Tia ranked on page 5 of Google search results.

We instead decided to re-optimise the homepage around the phrase ‘plus size boutique’, a search term that sees plenty of monthly search, but that is used by far fewer plus sized clothing retailers. This made sure that Tia-Tia ranked as the 2nd result for the search, ‘plus size boutique’ in Google.



engaging content tia tia plus size boutique

use the right keywords to be found on google

3. keyword research helps attract more of your ideal customers

Keyword research also helps you to attract more of your ideal customer and win bigger business.

Are you getting too many ‘check-price’ enquiries, or low-value customers? Keyword research can help you to find the search phrases that your ideal customers are using in search engines. This increases the chance that your website will be found in Google by people that match your ideal customer profile.

Let’s say you own an artisan coffee shop. If you optimise your site around the phrase ‘coffee shop’ you might be attracting clientele who are looking for bigger chains like Costa or Starbucks. And some of these clientele might be turned off by the high price tag that comes with high-quality, bespoke coffee.


keyword research

attract the right customer



By optimising your site content around keywords such as ‘artisan coffee shop’, ‘hand-roasted coffee’ or ‘high-quality coffee’ rather than ‘coffee shop’ you’re more likely to be found by the customers who understand and appreciate the value of what you do. – Customers who are likely to want to spend more money on a premium service.

base your website on firm keyword research foundations

Don’t fall into the trap of not using any keyword research to form your site content. Without it, your website won’t rank in Google for anything other than your brand name. You won’t rank on the first page for any relevant searches, and you may also attract the wrong type of site visitors for your business.

Whether you carry this out internally or work with an external SEO provider, you should always use keyword research to build strong foundations of your site.