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Engaging Content is your proven process to getting your website and messaging moving in the right direction to attract your perfect customer.

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Does the following sound familiar…?

you are in the right place if…

You want to get your website up and running, but feel confused, overwhelmed and stuck on what is involved?

You know you have a prosperous business but you are tired of second guessing if you are going in the right direction?

You want to find more of your perfect customers but never have the time to make it happen.

Discover the support and tools you need to lay the right foundations build solid messages to find and serve more of your ideal customers!

“I am happy to say that after a three hour workshop with Natalie and her colleagues our minds were put at ease. This early stage meeting and the attention to detail that Engaging Content paid to us and our business was fantastic.”


Michael Weedon, Aperture Designed Furniture

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Who is Engaging Content?

Hello I am Natalie, the founder of Engaging Content Limited, a specialist in branding, websites and SEO. I empathise with the challenges of running and growing a business AND wanting to have a good work life balance. With my team, we take on the heavy lifting to allow you to get on with running and growing your business.

Imagine if…

Your brand identity and website is refreshed and represents your expertise and aligns with your mission.

You are clear on what your perfect customer needs and your messaging reflects this.

You are finding more of the right audience with new enquiries coming in regularly.


Sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward and our EC Foundation Workshop will:

FOLLOW a logical process, with no assumptions, but exploring lots of opportunities.

PROFILE your back story, your point of difference, and who your ideal customers are.

CONSTRUCT the right messages from drawing on your expert knowledge.

STREAMLINE your time, so we do the work, rather than creating more for you.

CAPTURE you, the expert, allowing lots of light bulb moments and new ideas to flow.

OUTPUT lots of information for us to direct, and you to decide, the next best steps to take.


As the specialist in your business, plus our years’ of experience, we know the right questions to ask. The face to face (screen to screen) session will draw out a consistent message for all your marketing. The workshop is collaborative and a shared experience.

What you get from the Foundation Workshop


3 hour in-depth Zoom workshop with digital marketing specialists

This 1:1 intensive session gives you the confidence to take the next steps forward with your marketing.


Clarity around your services and point of difference

This allows you to stand out from your competitors knowing you offer something unique.


Clear messaging

This ensures that things align and are consistent for all areas of marketing and communicating your messages. It is particularly essential online to quickly connect with your ideal customers.


A clear idea of your perfect customers

This allows all of your communications to be tailored to speak directly to them making them want to buy from you.


An understanding of ‘search engine optimisation’

This ensures that if you were with us in Phase 2 we can research what your perfect customer is looking for to find your services and you understand the benefits of this.


A succinct elevator pitch

To allow you to clearly explain your business to anyone.


Insight into your brand identity, what is working and what is not

This leads to being more confident it is authentic to you.

You also get:


A follow up call

Designed to answer any questions that you may want to feed back into the process


A reference document

Which quickly summarises the workshop and allows you to quickly refer back to things.


A tangible plan

Ensuring you could walk away confidently and work with any marketing provider (which we hope will be us!).

Whilst we can’t guarantee results we can promise…


An efficient service where we deal with things rather than giving you more to do.


To listen and collaborate with you, manage your expectations and ensure you are happy during every part of the process.


The opportunity for a long-standing flourishing relationship where we can support you where there are gaps.

Happy Clients

Aaran Bespoke Portfolio

“Thanks for the workshop. It was nice meeting you and putting a face to a name. I’m really pleased with the branding and the website looks great; so nice to see it come to life! I found the process very helpful, informative and worth doing."

Reece Unwin
Aaran Bespoke

Aperture Designed Furniture Portfolio

“I am happy to say that after a three hour workshop with Natalie and her colleagues our minds were put at ease. This early stage meeting and the attention to detail that Engaging Content paid to us and our business was fantastic."

Michael Weedon
Aperture Designed Furniture

Voga Interiors Portfolio

“Working with Natalie and Vicky was great. I highly recommend the Foundation Workshop and how it took so much stuff off my plate and onto theirs!”

Mark Garton
Voga Interiors

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Frequently asked questions

"I already know my business, can you do the branding / write the copy / build the website for me?

Yes absolutely, but with all websites builds we need to “profile” every aspect of your business. This enables us to ensure your time and money is used in the best possible way to create an incredible website that speaks to your ideal customer. So if you know your business really well then this workshop is perfect for you.

“I will figure it out myself, can you just build me a website?

Consider this: you may be redoing it in a few years because you did not lay the foundations correctly now. This will save you time and money in the future as you won’t need to reinvent the wheel when your business evolves.