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Sep 16, 2020 | Foundation, Strategy

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providing solid foundations for your content production and promotion

careful content planning

what is content planning?

We plan and schedule all digital content production and promotion ahead of time. This includes keyword research, topic research, content creation, and promotion. We’ll also create a content calendar including any key industry or seasonal events.

why is this important?

Planning your content helps us to work with a proactive rather than a reactive approach. If you know there are important seasonal or industry events coming up, you can tie in your content production and promotion to take advantage of this. Content planning will help you to stay on top of all content promotion, and understand where and how to promote your content for the best engagement.

content research

what is it?

In the content planning phase, we research the best keywords, topics, formats and channels for your content. We’ll also look at your competitors to understand which of their content is performing well.

why do i need this?

Content planning and research helps your content to stretch further, work harder and perform better. Basing content on a solid research phase increases the chance that it will interest and engage your customers. And it also helps boost your rankings, traffic, and ultimately sales. We’ll tie in customer persona research with competitor research to create solid foundations for your content.

content audit

what is this?

We blend any competitor research with our other research areas: SEO keyword research and customer research. We develop a content strategy for you based on these three research areas.

why do i need this?

If you’ve already built up a repository of content, it’s important to perform regular content audits. Otherwise, how do you know what’s working and what’s not? Ongoing content audits help you to understand how to improve and grow your content offering. We perform content audits before we plan any content, and we also audit our content on an ongoing basis.

in summary: