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Hello there, welcome! I’m Natalie and I work with businesses to setup a striking brand identity and website that creates leads through powerful content.

I will give you the support and tools you need to lay the right foundations, build a solid marketing framework to find and serve more of your ideal customers!

Let me show you how…

Natalie Alsop


The  Most
Important Areas to Focus on
When Starting (or updating) a Business

Does any of the following sound familiar?…

Do you want to serve more of your ideal customers?

Do you struggle to tell your story and get the best messages across?

Do you need a compelling website but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking to work with one provider for everything?

laptop on a desk

Imagine if you could…

Find an affordable marketing provider that could take all of this off your hands.

Focus on running and building your business rather than doing specialist tasks you struggle with.

Get everything up and running quickly and efficiently so that you can sleep again at night.

Feel proud, happy and confident with your website and messaging and the direction you are headed.

Who is Natalie Alsop?

With my digital experience dating back to 2003 plus my passion for design, I am here to help and support businesses at any stage.

I am passionate about working with businesses to create a brand identity, website and content that properly works to find the right audience to become paying customers! I empathise with the frustrations, overwhelm and confusion when running a business as well as marketing it. As such it is my mission to take on the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your specialism and running your business.

Unlike agencies or solo providers, who do part of the process or who charge large sums, along with my team I provide the whole service in a structured way and at an affordable price, managing your expectations along the way.

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Laying firm foundations

Building something from the ground up requires meticulous planning, designing and refining. You should know, you do this every time you work on a project.

Take the analogy of building a house, you don’t start thinking about the colours of the walls and what cushions you would like before you even know how many rooms you are going to have. It is far more important to lay the right foundations for a solid and secure home for years to come.

This is exactly the same when marketing your business...


Deciding and spending money on a logo before you have decided what your business values are is exactly like choosing the cushions before planning the build. Your marketing is the same; there is a process. Assuming or jumping ahead causes confusion later on. Whereas planning your business and building firm foundations will see you good for many years to come.


Marketing can be a minefield when not done properly; it can be very messy especially if you are using a number of different providers. This is usually the sort of thing you discover when you are further down the line and tied in.


Quite rightly you may want to adjust your design, colours, fonts etc later on. You might want to expand when the time is right, but always in the knowledge that you have a firm footing, clear about who you are, what you offer and who you want to work with.


We understand and can demystify the different stages you will move through. This depends on what stage you are at in your business but ultimately we help to get your house in order. Our EC Foundation Workshop is designed to do that! It is your path to laying the right foundations for your business to flourish and for you to be seen as the expert in your field. By profiling you and your business we can draw out the important messages and you’re unique offering to catch the eye of potential customers.

Ready to find out more?

Whatever stage you are at with your business, discover more about creating a striking look and website as the pathway to finding your perfect customers…


“Working with Vicky and Natalie was great. I highly recommend the Foundation Workshop and how it took so much stuff off my plate and onto theirs!”

Mark Garton

Voga Interiors

“Thanks for the workshop. It was nice meeting you and putting a face to a name. I’m really pleased with the branding and the website looks great; so nice to see it come to life!  I found the process very helpful, informative and worth doing.
Reece Unwin

Aaran Bespoke

“I am happy to say that after a three hour workshop with Natalie and her colleagues our minds were put at ease. This early stage meeting and the attention to detail that Engaging Content paid to us and our business was fantastic.

Michael Weedon

Aperture Designed Furniture

Screenshot of Voga website
Screenshot of LSV Gardens website
Screenshot of Abintus website

Are you ready to?…

Work with one provider for your marketing and have the right amount of support to suit you.

Focus on achieving more, in less time and having a better work life balance.

Having a clear marketing plan to work towards achieving your bigger goals.

Have a stunning brand identity that is authentic to you and your business.